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DIY content design

In Trends by Peter Gearin

Dokio is brand automation software that puts design tools in the hands of marketers. We meet its maker, Scott Bonanno.

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Love your enemies

In Ideas by Rand Fishkin

Successful stories often appeal to those on both sides of an argument, says ‘Wizard of Moz’ Rand Fishkin.

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People magnet

In Ideas by Mark Masters

Marketers and small business owners need to show that what they say comes from the heart, says Mark Masters.

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Telling tales

In Examples by Peter Gearin

Beer brand Hahn is behind a video series showcasing the thoughts and fears of successful Australian entrepreneurs.

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Jargon and buzzwords

In Ideas by Peter Gearin

It’s time the forces of good defeated those evil empires spouting the garbage-speak of business … going forward.