Marketers know it’s never been harder for brands to engage with target audiences. The lazy, scattergun days of advertising and mass-media reach are over – people consume information anywhere at any time, on whatever device they choose, usually via their social media channels.

There’s always been “too much content” but now there is an incomprehensible number of producers competing for a share of those all-important eyeballs. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C: the old ways just aren’t as effective any more.

One way for businesses to cut through the clutter is to produce (or authorise) their own quality content – articles, podcasts, video, artwork or even webinars. These could be stories produced on owned media channels that are useful and relevant, produced consistently and delivered according to a well thought-out strategy.

This “content marketing” approach has proved to be an effective way to build loyal audiences. It’s about being helpful, not disruptive. It’s about educating potential customers, not preaching or selling a service or product. But it’s a long game – it often takes years for a content strategy to make an impact.

“Brand Tales’ mission is to be the most credible and stimulating source of information about branded content and content marketing in Australia.

Alternatively, some businesses choose a “branded content” strategy. These executions are generally shorter and sharper – more campaign driven. They might be native advertising articles appearing on a publisher website or a series of videos produced on behalf of a brand for YouTube. The best ones don’t jam logos or marketing messages in readers’ or viewers’ faces – they focus on education, information or entertainment. Or all three.

What links the best content marketing and branded content is quality corporate storytelling – how brands communicate effectively with their audiences.

This is where Brand Tales slots in. We believe the best way for businesses to reach demanding audiences is by telling great yarns. These might not just be about a company and the people in it. They could be powerful stories that audiences find useful and engaging on topics in which a company has expertise.

Brand Tales’ mission is to be the most credible and stimulating source of information about branded content and content marketing in Australia. Our objective is to promote the concept and practice of branded storytelling.

We profile Australia’s leading content practitioners and provide tips, tricks and independent advice. We look at great examples of Australian branded content and talk to the people behind them. We look at local websites that put a premium on storytelling for their viewers’ benefit. We look at the latest trends in the content marketing world and see what impact they will have for us.

The marketing world has changed. Brand Tales helps find your voice.

Peter Gearin
Brand Tales

Peter Gearin - photo by Edwina Pickles