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The EchoJunction podcast host talks on the edge of technology and social media.

It’s rare to shift your career from corporate finance to running a business (and becoming a blogger and podcaster) that specialises in marketing, social media and technology, but that’s how Adam Fraser pulled up at EchoJunction. When he’s not recording his influential podcast, Fraser helps businesses come to terms with marketing technology and social platforms.

Brand Tales: Each time I listen to your podcast, I’m struck by your pronunciation of “pod-cAst”. Where did you spend your formative years?

Adam Fraser: I grew up in Leeds, England (hence my passion for Leeds United!). I first came to Australia in 1996 and have been here permanently since 2002.

BT: Can you explain how a former CFO/COO ended up speaking so fluently about social media and technology?

Fraser: Very good question! I had a passion and interest for social media and the media landscape and became an avid podcast listener during long commutes. During my stint as COO at an IT services business, the board identified a need to diversify and I put my hand up to drive an initiative straddling marketing and IT. From there I just consumed a lot of content (mainly via podcasts) from subject matter experts, and eventually produced my own podcast. So, in essence, lots of learning on the job (plus Mark Ritson’s mini MBA in marketing).

BT: Who has been your favourite podcast guest?

Fraser: That is a tough question as I have had such a long list of incredible guests. I genuinely enjoy producing the podcast – it’s a true labour of love. If I had to pick one I would say Scott Brinker as he was guest No.1, has now been on four times and is the leading thought leader in the martech space on which my business is focused. He is truly a brilliant thinker on all things martech.

“The tendency for brands to storm into conversations they have no right to be in still remains.”

BT: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work life?

Fraser: The podcast has given me a chance to meet and learn from the industry’s brightest minds across the globe. It’s truly an honour, and I’m learning every week alongside the audience.

BT: Has the martech landscape become too complicated for the average marketing leader?

Fraser: In a world of 6800+ tools, you would have to say yes.

BT: What do you think is the one certainty about where social media is heading in Australia?

Fraser: Over time brands will increasingly recognise the importance of listening to their customers on all platforms and providing customer support/answering questions on channels of customers’ choice – increasingly digital platforms rather than the phone or email.

BT: You once wrote that brands should stop “behaving like an annoying uncle” on social media. Have you seen much improvement lately?

Fraser: A little, but the tendency for brands to storm into conversations they have no right to be in still remains. (That’s probably my favourite blog post from three-plus years of writing weekly).

BT: What else do businesses get wrong when it comes to social media?

Fraser: I think at a high level it’s the assumption that social media is the same as all other media, hence can be treated like a broadcast channel to blast out messages.

BT: What role should social media play for brands in the future?

Fraser: As an anchor, if you listen first, develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s attitudes and pain points, and answer every question, every time, on every channel (in real time) then you’re covering the foundations. Beyond that, of course, advertising on social platforms will be a consideration as part of a holistic, integrated media buying strategy.

BT: Do you have any favourite examples of content marketing or branded content in Australia?

Fraser: Content marketing is not really my area of expertise, but I would like to give a shout out to the social media strategy being executed by Telstra across active listening, social customer service and fostering a peer-to-peer community.

BT: Is there one content execution from anywhere in the world that you admire?

Fraser: Am I allowed to say Red Bull?

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