Asteron Life’s Wheel of good fortune

In Examples by Peter Gearin

Brand Tales’ review of the Australian insurance company’s website … and its giant-slaying idea.

Red Bull doesn’t often lose when it comes to content marketing awards. The media and motorsport goliath that dresses like a soft-drink company is held as the global industry’s gold-standard bearer. And rightly so. But in the 2016 Content Marketing Awards, the venerated Red Bull Media House was a mere finalist in the “Best Use of Content Creation” category. The winner was an Australian insurance brand, Asteron Life, owned by Suncorp.

The award was recognition for a tool called the “Wheel of Balance”, produced by Sydney-based creative agency Canvas Group. This is a self-help tool that looks at eight life areas and suggests where there’s room for improvement. The areas are “fun”, “relationships”, “finance”, “career and business”, family and friends”, “creativity”, “health and self-care” and “spirituality and personal growth”.

It’s simple to use and offers fast results. Although it’s unlikely to provide deep and meaningful results, the Wheel is a classy way for Asteron Life to engage with its audience. Not only that, it is producing results that help Suncorp know what topics it should be covering in its content marketing. That means it’s a wheel that keeps Asteron Life’s content planning rolling along, which is very smart.

The award-winning execution is part of Asteron Life’s Balance blog, which publishes regular timeless stories on fitness, wellbeing, lifestyle, finance and nutrition. It also has a tab called “PerspectLive”, in which Asteron Life gently probes at the lives of known and lesser-known Australians, in written and video form. Site visitors find well-produced profiles of Paralympian Ryley Batt, famous for his exploits in wheelchair rugby (otherwise known as “Murderball”), and Ian Quinn, a talent manager at AFL team GWS Giants, who was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.

They also meet Toowoomba mother Katie Paton, who built a childcare company with her family, gained a Masters in Education and runs a plumbing business with her husband, Jeremy. The couple have a daughter, Zara. The story introduces us into Katie’s busy life, and tells of the car accident in Tasmania in 2015 that almost ripped the family apart. Katie badly injured her back but escaped serious spinal damage. The accident, though, led her to revaluate the things that were important to her: “Now I value time so much more.”

These video pages, under the title “Celebrate Life”, each feature two videos: one that talks exclusively about the human story and another that combines this with an explanation of why it’s vital to have adequate life and income protection insurance. This product hero video explains how Asteron Life helped these clients through the claims process or, more broadly, why it’s important to “be prepared”. It’s a nice approach that doesn’t try to pollute the pure storytelling component with overt product placement.

Michael Briggs, social and community manager at Suncorp Marketplace, wrote in a LinkedIn article that he was proud of PerspectLive. “What we wanted to do was celebrate the courage of those customers who have experienced adversity first-hand, and document the positive lessons they learnt as a result of their journey,” he wrote.

Briggs said Suncorp developed content pillars in line with the theme of “new perspectives” and the brand’s content strategy. “The program has a retention focus, delivered through Facebook and eDM utilising customer data and measured against key retention measures as captured within the business.”

Clearly, judging by the success of the Wheel of Balance, it’s an award-winning formula.

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