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Brand Tales speaks with the social media and content marketing leviathan.

Jeff Bullas is one of the biggest voices in social media and content marketing. He is an author, strategist, speaker and consultant, and says his blog at attracts more than 4 million visitors from 190 countries annually. At last count he has 468,000 Twitter followers. His goal is to assist businesses get found online, “making you visible and successful on a crowded web”. He is often named as the world’s top digital marketing influencer, which isn’t a bad achievement for the former high-school teacher.

Brand Tales: What’s your current role?

Jeff Bullas: I’m CEO at

BT: What’s your career background?

Bullas: A high school teacher who decided that the digital world was more exciting, and then discovered the internet and the addictive social web. The blog was then launched.

BT: How did you get into content-based marketing?

Bullas: The blog was where content marketing started and where I learned the power of content to attract customers and opportunities. This was inspired by three key influences: The 4-Hour Work Week book by Tim Ferriss, the Hubspot blog and David Meerman-Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

BT: What have you learnt about it since then?

Bullas: How long do you have? Many things have been learned along the way, such as the power of visual content, and building your own content distribution on social, email and with search engines. I’ve also realised the importance of creating and owning your own publishing platform, where you create unique long form and evergreen content.

BT: Which international company is doing content really well?

Bullas: Minecraft is a great example of using crowd-sourced content to build a brand. Another one is Red Bull. They display the importance of creating conversations around the product and not about the product.

BT: Which Australian business is doing a great job with their content?

Bullas: One great start-up business that is doing content well is Canva. They understand how the social web works.

BT: Is there one specific content execution (not necessarily created in Australia) that you think works really well?

Bullas: Hubspot is a standout. They use awesome content to attract 75,000 sales leads a month. They understand that is not just about traffic and engagement but converting that attention and trust into email subscribers.

BT: What advice do you have for Australian business owners/marketers thinking about using content as a prominent part of their marketing mix?

Bullas: They need to not just nail the first two tactics – traffic and engagement – but convert that into leads and sales.

BT: What does the future hold for content-driven marketing and brand journalism in Australia?

Bullas: I think to do content marketing well in the future will require using digital marketing automation tools and also crowd sourced content creation. That will be the only way you scale. That is why I am on the board of the start-up Shuttlerock.

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